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Not to able to run the report --- urgent

Hi Experts,

Not able to run the report as well to export the report. my problem is that i have seaarch box when ever i entr the values of any of the work type for eg: General work type =' something' in that searchbox it will show the paritcular report so, search funcationaliyt working fine, but when i run the report or when i click on the export details button its show error , because general work type values will not be there in the other work type.
Im posting my report and sample visual force page.could anyone help me please.

<apex:page id="page" doctype="html-5.0">
  <script >
      function Redirect() {
          var workType = document.getElementById('page:workTypeSearch:workType').value;
          window.top.location = "/00O20000002CdmH?pv0=" + workType+pv1+worktype;
      window.onload = setFocus
      function setFocus() {
    <div style="height: 0px; clear: both;"></div>
    <apex:form id="workTypeSearch"  style="display: block;">
      <apex:outputText >Work Type: </apex:outputText><br/>
      <apex:inputText id="workType" style="width:160px"/><br/>
      <input value="Submit Query" type="submit" onclick="Redirect();"></input>    
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Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher
Your VF page is just passing values to the standard report engine - I would focus on trying to get the different values to work in the report first (just you manually, not by passing values from the VF page) and see if you can just get the report to work by itself.

Once you get the report working and the error resolved, you can back that work into your VF page.
Im trying but it throwing error, could you chekc it out once, how to pass the values,