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search and edit record

I need a  search button to search for a specific record in an object and open the record in edit mode if found. Can it be done?
Greg HGreg H
This can be done using sControls & AJAX Toolkit.

Message Edited by Greg H on 01-17-2008 03:16 PM
You might be able to do the same thing using a custom button and merge fields instead. Every record has a URL that indicates if it is in view or edit mode. For example:
Will open a specific record in edit mode. The "e" after the record ID is what tells Salesforce to open in Edit mode. If the record you need to open is related to the one you are on, you should be able to construct the URL and pass the record Id as a merge field.
This may not work in your case, but if so, it's easier than writing an s-control (especially for me!).
Jumped the gun on my last post. The custom button and merge fiels would work if you didn't need to search for a specific record first, but instead just needed to open a known record in edit mode. Sorry about that.


I may need a s-control for my requirement.