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LinkedIn - Custom Link

I'm simply looking for a custom link that will do a search on LinkedIn from the Account and Contact tabs.
Account Tab would do a "company" search within LinkedIn.
Contact Tab would do a contact search within LinkedIn
I am also interested in this... Please let me know if you find a solution.

I did this by making the following formula field on Contact:


You can do the same for Account by replacing the

with just

Actually, I tweaked it a bit on the Contact page:

This then puts the first and last names in the name field and account name in the company field...

Question -
for companies, i want to use the companies search in LinkedIn - in the "find company by name" field

There are two ways to do this:
1. Add a new link or tab to SalesForce, as described here: http://socomsales.com/word/2007/add-linkedin-integration-to-salesforcecom/
2. Create a mashup in your browser (where basically the LinkedIn buttons are added to the SalesForce page in your browser), as described here: http://www.japaninyourpalm.com/greasemonkey/salesforce_linkedin_gm.html (this solution is specifically for the Firefox browser)
I have used both and they are simple and work well.

While looking up specific contacts and accounts is helpful is there a way to create a link at the account level that will look for contacts for that account that contain certain titles such as marketing or finance? This way you can browse for new contacts








If you can URL-hack it, then yes.  When I looked up "Marketing" in "Salesforce.com" I got this URL:




So you can plunk some merge fields into the company= and the title= and it will probably work just fine.


Werewolf - your formula worked great. Thanks.

Homes For Cash FastHomes For Cash Fast
With the recent LinkedIn update, the search linkedin contact button is not working. Is there a viable workaround?


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Chris Leszka 5Chris Leszka 5
I just used this URL hack today and the search seems to be working just fine: