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Displaying a Button

We have a button that we need to display only if a picklist value is selected.  I have been trying for a few days now to get this to work and I cant seem to figure it out.  Below is our source for our button.


var thisQuote__c = new sforce.SObject("Quote__c");

thisQuote__c.Id = '{!Quote__c.Id}';
thisQuote__c.OwnerId = '00G70000001IzYb';

var saveResults = sforce.connection.update([thisQuote__c]);

if(saveResults[0].success == 'false'){
alert('an error occured: ' + saveResults[0]);

window.location.href = '/{!Quote__c.Id}';, value_if_false)}

Any help is welcome!
Just from visual observation:

1. what is the ", value_if_false)}"  on the window.location.href line?  Looks like a mistake.

2. Use some try / catch blocks to catch unknown errors.

3. It is a bad idea to hard code ID numbers into an application.  Could you not run a quick query against the Users table to get the ID for the person you want as the owner?

4. Do you have a namespace enabled for your Salesforce account?   I doubt that's the case, but if so, you need to use it to prefix your fields.

Best, Steve.