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Sharepoint Integration

has anyone worked with salesforce and sharepoint?  i have a prospective client wondering if the two can be integrated for membership managment needs.


If your running under a windows domain.. then you can use microsoft domain security to authenticate the user's sharepoint accounts, transparent in internet explorer, if not you need to consider security issues.  If secure you the just are providing custom url links in sf.com to the proper information/usage in sharepoint.  It gets harder from there i.e. update to sf.com using api, handling outbound message from sf.com to sharepoint. etc...

sharepoint is not sf.com and seirous considerations should be given on the impacts of using sharepoint.  Loss of information to sf.com.. security, management, duplication of resources..


Can you provide me a simple example for a web service callout to sharepoint using ntlm auth?


Any help is really appreciated! 


Hi Did you find this out? I am trying to do this and figuring out how to set domain in a basic http callout

Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

I have a task similar to this, I need to set up an url in SFDC which will let the users to access their files in sharepoint from sfdc.

if you  get any info, please share it.

Connie WoodingConnie Wooding
Anyone able to do this?
Dominic RossDominic Ross

Hi Connie,
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