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Does this error mean that the ip address is not whitelisted ? 
David GorslineDavid Gorsline
I have a customer who is reporting this error being raised as well. I'd appreciate a pointer to some documentation that interprets this exception.
This means IP restrictions have been added to the users profile, and the login request is not from the set of allowed IP addresses.

i have added my server IP address to the trusted range, but even then i get the error.

What is the mistake.???


If you've added the IP address on Setup>Security Controls>Network Access and still have this issue is probably because your profile is also IP Restricted. Go to the profile of the user you're using, under System > Login IP Ranges and add the IP Range to it.

TargetX TrainingTargetX Training
Check My Domain settings, there is an option that prevents you from logging in the standard login URL there.  I got this Domain Restriction error that was unrelated to IP.  It required us to login using the My Domain URL