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sync from Mysql to salesforce

Hi all,
 I have successfully sync'd my records from salesforce to mysql with a button click,but now i have the following issues to be undertaken


 1. I want two way sync i.e from salesforce to mysql and from mysql to salesforce and iam able to sync 

    salesforce to mysql but i need some guidelines to sync from Mysql to Salesforce.
 2. I just want all the fields to be sync on both ways coz now i am able sync only the records. 

     i.e if  a new field is created in salesforce, it should be automatically created in Mysql also.  
 3. If the salesforce fileds are required one then i ought to display the same in remote Mysql.
 4. Now iam using XAMPP s/w to run my php,is it possible to run the same in remote

     server  application.

is that possible if so can u plz help me with any of my issues.

Thanks in advance

James S. CloudAnswers.comJames S. CloudAnswers.com

Hi Nalini,


Did you write the program to syncronize the records from Salesforce.com to MySQL?  I wrote a program that backs up all my data from Salesforce.com to a local MySQL database (also running MAMP for development, but Ubuntu on my server).  My program syncronizes the structures of the tables so if a column is added my program will add that column to the local database.  If I were to add the bi-directional data feed back to Salesforce.com I would probably do any of these:


  • add a checksum field on the MySQL tables (so you know what to update back to sfdc)
  • add a trigger to every mysql table to log the record Id into a table of IDs that need to be sync'd back to salesforce
  • have your php program keep track of the state of the data and watch for changes

It all depends on your environment, the size of the data set, and your technical abilities.



David GardelDavid Gardel
Hi there,

Yes, I can help you with issues #1,#2 and #3. For all these three requests, there is one answer - use Skyvia. It`s a cloud-based service for no-coding integration (both-way) with clear-cut design and flexible scheduling features.
Here you can find more about this full monty service:

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