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How to handle cases submitted by third parites

Backbround:  Most of our customers are banks.  They submit cases to us via email, phone and the self-service portal.  But we have situations where cases get submitted for the banks by others.  There are parent companies and third party service companies that submit cases for our shared customer banks.  Currently, these cases get linked to the 3rd party/parent account, since SFDC recognizes the contact and/or email address, which is corrently at the parent.  But this causes us problems.  We would really like to have the case linked to the actual bank (account) that has the problem, not to the submitter's account.


I have considered writing a validation rule to force the reps to change the linked account in teh case to the actual account when it is linked to a parent/3rd party account.  But this creates a new problem in that that 3rd parties won't be able to see the cases in the self service portal.


So, is there a way for 3rd parties/parents to submit cases for our shared customers where the case is linked to the actual account with the issue but where the case can be tracked by the 3rd party?


Can we do this with Customer Portal?   which we currently don't use?   or is there some other way?