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Unable to remove label from data entry page for a readonly field



I dont know if this is bug or whether I am doing something wrong. I have a field 'field A' in an object, I want it to be read only for a one profile X and not read only (editable) for another profile Y. I have made two page layout, one where field 'field A' is readonly and the other one where the field is not readonly (editable) and assigned each layout to the appropriate profile. After doing this for profile X I do not see the place where the value is put in for 'field A' however I keep on seeing the label for the field. Is there a way to remove the label as well, I was hoping that label should have been removed along with the place where value is put in. 




You need to remove the field from the pagelout where you don't want to show the label or make the field read only.


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I have made the field read only on the page layout. Although I do not see the place where value is entered however I still keep on seeing the label for the field. Help appreciated




Perhaps there is a confusion in terms.  Readonly means that although the user can't edit the data, they can still see whatever value was already in the field.


So, the fact that you can still see the label, but don't see any data makes perfect sense assuming that the value in the field is null when you're looking at it.


If your goal is to not only make it readonly, but not make it viewable, then you can skip the readonly setting, and just use the page layout editor to remove the field entirely from the page.  (in which case it would still be editable for that profile, but since it's not on the page, it doesn't matter -- for this purpose anyway).


Hope this clarifies.  Best, Steve.


I think I did not make this clear before. The label I am seeing is not on the detail page for the record its on the form page where values are entered.