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Workflow rule entry criteria not met when fields are updated as part of an approval process?

I have an approval process that manages the state of a custom object.  When complete, I stamp an 'Approved Amount' with a value as part of my approval step actions.  I have a workflow rule that is intended to set the date that the budget updated, when and if it was updated after originally being set.  My workflow rule works fine if I manually change the fields that the workflow formula evaluates to true.  BUT when I try to let the approval process automate this, the workflow rule is not fired.  what gives?

I too am wondering about this.  Our situation is a time-based workflow whose condition is a certain picklist value. This value is "picked" in a field update from an Approval Process.  However it's a no go.  If I change manually it fires fine. 

Please shed some light 


I'm having a similar issue, was there any light shined on this subject?


Workflows can not trigger other Workflows.  And Approval Processes are pretty much bigger "Workflows".  So the answer is no.  

However, it's quite simple to have an Apex trigger listen for the change that's occuring in your AP and have whatever update you want happen that way.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Tbom,  I did develop a trigger that updates a checkbox after an approval process, but the workflow still  does not set off as a result of the trigger, even though it's an After Update trigger.  I'm thinking the only way around this is as asynchronous Apex method.  


Here's a link to a big discussion I have going on with my issue: http://boards.developerforce.com/t5/Apex-Code-Development/Trigger-to-update-field-after-update-on-Approved-Locked-Record/td-p/370019