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Owner Alert on New Email

Is there a way to send an alert email to the case owner if a new email is posted to his/her case?



Jill ArensonJill Arenson

I have exactly the same question.


Was this question ever answered?


If anyone out there knows how to set up a workflow rule to alert the case owner when a new email his received against his/her case, I would appreciate it.




Well - Salesforce Basic Support said there is no way - but they're wrong.   We bulit this - inspired by some other board post - works peachy.


We created a checkbox field Case Email Received, default FALSE

We created a worklfow that turns it on when

  -  Email Message: Is Incoming = TRUE.  AND

  -  Email Messaage Subject contains :ref  (This is how we know it's related to an exisitng case and is not a new case) AND

  -  Case owner does not contain Queue  (We know the email got attached to the ref case.  A second check on above)

We created a 2nd worlflow that when Case Email Received = TRUE, sends an Email Alert to the case owner informing them of new email received and turns off the checkbox OFF.


Jill ArensonJill Arenson

Thank you for responding so quickly!


I appreciate the response and understand totally what you are recommending.


I was hoping for a more direct method than this.  


Perhaps there is a simple formula that could be used to trigger an alert when an email message record is new?