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Count number of groups in a report

Hi all,

I am grouping records by date and on the final i have a list of records...i know how to retrieve the number of total record just by using rowcount but i do not know how to retrieve the number of groups (by date)..i have no COUNT formula available only SUM,AVG ,MAX and MIN is available....why there is no COUNT....and there a way i can get this...


Try this:


At the bottom of the page of Step Two click "New" Custom Summary Formula

Label it "Contacts" or whatever it is that you are counting up

Choose 0 for decimal points

Choose Grouping 1

Insert Summary Field should be "Record Count"

Click "Insert"

Click "Done"

Now when you run the report it will tally up the number you have per grouping


Now, if you turn this into a dashboard report you will want to want to label that "Contacts" summary formula something meaningful for example if you are looking at a Profile report you want it to be "Users" whereas if you are looking at Accounts by Industry you want it be read "Type" or such like.


Good luck. Please mark as solved if this fixes the issue.


Evan PonterEvan Ponter
Check out the article I wrote up on a solution for this (https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=9063A000000lWYqQAM)