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Deploy Problem: "In field: tab - no CustomTab named Stock__c found"

I've been working through the current S/F introductory series:


Building and Deploying Applications on Force.com Free Edition (parts 1 to 3)


I'm sure this is a basic mistake but when I try deploying the sample app (via Inbound Change Set from within the Prod env) into production the Deploy Fails with the problem description as in the subject of this post.


I followed the series end to end and passed all the unit tests on 100% code coverage.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is causing this?


You can't/It doesn't always send over every item you need via changesets or the IDE and sometimes you may have to create the one piece (object, field, relationship, app) that is holding it up in your production org.


There seems to be no reason why it works or doesn't work; last week I used the IDE to deploy lots of changes from the Sandbox to Production and on occasion it would get hung up so I always ran the test/validate first then deployed.


Good luck.

ratnakar pandeyratnakar pandey
please do not write answer if you do not know the answer @GeraldineGray