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Using My Custom VF Page for Quote PDFs

I've created a custom VF PDF page for Quotes. I'd like to replace the standard PDF template with my VF page. However, when I override the "Create PDF" button with my VF page, it simply displays the PDF but doesn't allow me to Save or E-mail it.


How can I maintain the PDF Preview window, or at the very least just make sure the PDF gets saved and added to the "Quote PDFs" related list? I can't seem to find any documentation on strategies for this.


Off the top of my head, I suspect what you'll want to do is make the custom button not be your Visualforce page directly, but run some Javascript that opens a new window containing your Visualforce page.  You may also need to set the MIME type on your Visualforce page so that the browser recognizes that it's a PDF and spawns the appropriate plugin, although you probably already have done that.