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Products with Custom Object



Is there anyway to add Products to a custom object like it is with the Opportunity? 




Yes - kind of. You can add a lookup to the product table, if you want multiple products then you need to create a junction object such as MyCustomObjectLineItem and put the lookup field on that.  


If you want price information then you need to do a but more work in Apex as you can't have a lookup to the PriceBookEntry table which is what OpportunityLineItems uses to relate to Products.


Thanks Enth,


Would it be possible to mimic the Add Product functionality with Apex? 


Is it possible to create a custom button that would direct the user to a page where they could select the products just like when you add products to the opportunities and quote line items?


I have personally done this, and the Quote app from the AppExchange does something similar to this as well. You should be able to find many resources on the subject.


Hi sfdcfox,


I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction with this, I've searched through the boards and have found similar needs, but no real solution.  I also tried the apps on the appexchange, but they are managed packages and would not let me view the code. Thanks.