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Thomas StrohThomas Stroh 

Does Jasper4Salesforce still exist?

I have been researching reporting tools and I have seen announcements about Jasper4Salesforce, but I can't find anything on the AppExchange and nothing on Jasper Soft's web site. Is this product/plug-in still available? Has anyone used this?


I'm interested in hearing what other solutions people are using to extend beyond SFDC reporting limitations. I need a solution that is not just Account/Opportunity based, but can extend to any custom objects that we  have created.






Our offering around Salesforce.com has changed.  We are no longer offering Jasper4Salesforce, however we have chosen to partner with Ingres who is providing an appliance based solution that leverages our full Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite -The Ingres IceBreaker BI Appliance.


This product provides a much more powerful and robust solution over any other product available on the market that integrates directly with Salesforce.com.  It provides full reporting and analytics around Salesforce.com data as well as the
opportunity to expand beyond simply Salesforce.com data.


I recommend that you evaluate the Ingres IceBreaker BI Appliance to provide you with the ability to slice and dice your salesforce data.