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How can I improve my Salesforce skills

Hello All,


I am a developer / analyst in various technologies like ASP.NET, SAP ABAP , Salesforce APEX / Visual force 

I am salesforce certified administator.  I am also planniing to take my Dev 401 certification.

Working as a Salesforce Developer with experience writting few trigger, modifying existing APEX classes creatng few visual force pages since last 1 year.

I want to take my Salesforce skills (Admin + Dev) to next level


I also try to read about some domain specific iinformation like order to cash and other business process as I want to be a CRM domain expert with really strong salesforce foundational knowledge.


Please give me few pointers to improve my skills things that I should do on regular basis, blogs I should read, practices that I should follow, Coding problems that I can slove that will help me achive  what I want.



I know its kind of wiered place to ask such question but truely we are like minded people here who are passionate about Salesforce technology and I believe that I will get help from the experts here.


Thank you in advance for your advice, time and sharing some of your best practices and wiisedome !!!



Saurabh DuaSaurabh Dua

To improve your skills in salesforce you can search for videos on youtube. Salesforce.com publish thier videos which has rich contents. Apart from videos you can trust Jeff's blog. The url to his blog is http://blog.jeffdouglas.com . He keeps on posting on the new things which are implemented by salesforce and explains the most complex problems as it is a piece of cake. 


Subhani PSubhani P

Hi Nik,


I hope that you're trying to learn a lot about Salesforce stuff. Please refer the below link which gives more information to you on salesforce advanced training.






Salesforce Certified Developer,