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In Report : exported details not displayed properly

I have generated the summary report for using with group by user. its actually displayed the content views with user.

when i am export this report using Unicode8 UFT it will appear exported some unicode text in that place of user names and content names.

 Like for content : "_HL_ENCODED_/sfc/#version?selectedDocumentId=06980000000STBIAA4_HL_UOP-Adsorbents-Solutions-Refining-brochure_HL__blank_HL_"

For user: "_HL_ENCODED_/00580000004H0I1_HL_Karit Kumar_HL__blank_HL_"

There is unicode id values coming instead of user name and content names.. i want to get User name and content name.. what is the real problem anybody can help me.



Hey Rajii,

By looking at the content, it appears that the Excel is importing the formula format behind the field.


Keeping the format of an Exported Report into Excel is currently not
something Salesforce supports once it has left Salesforce. The format
might not always be 100% moving from our program to another's.


Could you try the "Printable View" of a report - it retains the format and summary information so that should do the trick..

Please try and let me know if it helps!