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Sandbox Locked????



We are trying to figure out what happened as the main stake holders for the sandbox can not access it as it says it is locked? No one seems to know how this could have happened.


How do we have this unlocked?




One common error that we get generally is Organization blocked is this you are refering to ?


you are unable to get logged in the org if this  is your problem then please wait for some time because some time salesforce do lock it to avoid misuing and keep logging a case to salesforce. 

How to log a case in salesoforce ?



Hi Patrick, 



All Sandboxes are Locked

Cause—Your production organization is locked.Example—Your organization has one full sandbox and one developer-sandbox, but you can't log in to either sandbox.Effect—If your production organization is locked, all sandboxes associated with the organization are locked.Resolution—Contact your salesforce.com representative to unlock your organization. When your production organization is unlocked, the sandboxes are unlocked as well.


Locked Sandboxes

Sandboxes that have been locked for 60 days will be deleted. Users who have created or most recently refreshed any sandboxfor your organization will be notified prior to scheduling the sandbox for deletion. They will get at least three email notifications over 30 days. Sandboxes become locked when all the licenses for that type of sandbox expire.


See below link for more information: