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Role Based Field Permissions or Similar



I have come up against a requirement where my customer wants a user to be able to view all the Names of Accounts (so a global read-only) but only be able to see another Account field for those Account in their region (or  Role group). I have been banging my head against trying to set this up but can't see it is possible. Wondering if anyone had any suggestions?


An example would be

Account Name (global read-only)

Account Address (global read-only)

Account Value (regional read-only)

Account Number (regional read-only)


Thanks in advance




Why not write a custom visual force page for this ?


logic could be something like this :


if person Role = 'western region Sales rep' -> select all fields from accounts where region = 'western'.


Second thing to explore could be territory management in salesforce, although I've never used this( as not enabled by default)


Please note, I'm just providing some ideas. Not sure, these are the best options.