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not getting Id of the record through Flow


using Force.com flow, i am unable to get Id of the inserting record when record inserted through Data Update Element of the Flow Designer.



There is option in Data Update "Assign Id" and assigned it to variable.


But when i am upload our Flow to Salesforce.... it doen't show Id of the reocord but shows in Desktop(when i run our flow on desktop using Flow Designer)


Please let me...




You have probably figured it out by now but just in case anyone reading this is unclear:


Assuming you want to add a contact record you would define the target element by assigning Contact (call it DtargContact). Define a variable (lets call it varContactId)  then you select the "insert data object" icon from the tool bar  select the DtargContact you just defined and then select if it is an insert, update or delete. When you select insert you select the Assign ID tab and assign the ID to the varContactID. Obviously if it is an update or delete this does not apply. If this is a called routine remember to map it back to the parent flow.


Now link to your flow and remember to define how to handle errors.