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Remove 'Attach File' button Notes & Attachment related list

Hi All,

    I don't want to remove the Notes & Attachments related list.  I just want to remove the "Attach File" button in Page Layouts.


Hi Udayar,


The Notes & Attachments related list is a standard list which is not customizable therefore you would not be able to remove the button.


However, would apprectiate if you could explain your use case and post this requirement as an Idea on our IdeaExchange:



This would help others to promote your IDEA if they are trying to implement something similar.




thanks for reply  already i tried this link but i can't solve my issues

Sunil PalSunil Pal

You can only hide Notes and attachments related list , But Attach Button is not deletable.

Palvi MehanPalvi Mehan
SalesForce allows <apex:facet tag to do the desired functionality.
<apex:relatedList subject="{!$CurrentPage.parameters.id}"  list="CombinedAttachments" >
   <apex:facet name="header"><table><tr><td class="pbTitle"><h3>Notes and Attachments</h3></td></tr></table></apex:facet>