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Field Update




There are two cases.



If the expiration date is 8/1 on a customer, on 8/2 the KYC status field will change from Approved to Expired


I gave the condition as “Expiration Date is less than Today” for case 1



If Sys Admin create one customer with 29/06/2012 as expiration date on today’s date then the KYC Status field should automatically changed to Expired.


How this two condition will be possible in Time dependent workflow?


Is there any other way to satisfying these two rules at a time?


Please do the needful.


Hi ,


My suggestion is of creating a trigger in that object while inserting the record, Check for the Expiration date entered  before that just create a custom checkbox field called 'CheckStatus__C' in that object.Then follow the steps


1.In Trigger,If Expiration date is less then today then update the status field into Expired.

2. If not, then just check the CheckStatus__c .




1.Write the worflow 

Condition : Check Checkstatus__C = True

If true, create  a Time dependent worflow 

Condition: 1hr after Expired date

Action : Field update: Change status to Expired.


Note:CheckStatus__c field must be invisible to user so hide it in page layout.