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Validation Rule of type picklist is failed while importing

I  am  importing data  to  'POLOCY'  object.......i have a  feild  'Living Benifit Rider' of  type  "Multi  picklist".....now  when  i  import the  data The 'Living Benefit Rider'  field is populated with a string of text from the  file import.  I would like a validation rule so that only the values that exist in the field MultiPick list are displayed in the record.  but the problem  is  some records are rejected  even the value  exist in the picklist. when  i  remove this validation rule  then it was inserted. now the problem is   it  gives the error when the picklist value inserted. but requirement is it ll gives error other than picklist value



This  is  Validation  Rule  and  Error Message : Living Benefit Rider must be a pick list value.


INCLUDES(Living_Benefit_Rider__c , 'Guaranteed Interest Rate') ,
INCLUDES(Living_Benefit_Rider__c , 'No GLWB') ,
INCLUDES(Living_Benefit_Rider__c , 'GLWB Annual Single') ,
INCLUDES(Living_Benefit_Rider__c , 'GLWB Annual Joint') ,
INCLUDES(Living_Benefit_Rider__c , 'GLWB Daily Single') ,
INCLUDES(Living_Benefit_Rider__c , 'GLWB Daily Joint') ,
INCLUDES(Living_Benefit_Rider__c , 'GLWB Annual Single Legacy Lock') ,
INCLUDES(Living_Benefit_Rider__c , 'GLWB Annual Joint Legacy Lock') ,
INCLUDES(Living_Benefit_Rider__c , 'GLWB Daily Single Legacy Lock') ,
INCLUDES(Living_Benefit_Rider__c , 'GLWB Daily Joint Legacy Lock') ,
INCLUDES(Living_Benefit_Rider__c , 'TEST')



Error Message : Living Benefit Rider must be a pick list value.




Hello Anvesh,


I wonder even for a field of data type Pick list (Multi select) you are getting this error. Please try with following formula in your validation rule(check for syntax):


IF(Living_Benefit_Rider__c  ='No GLWB',
         IF(Living_Benefit_Rider__c  ='GLWB Annual Single',
            IF(Living_Benefit_Rider__c  ='GLWB Annual Joint',
              IF(Living_Benefit_Rider__c  = 'GLWB Daily Single',
                 IF(Living_Benefit_Rider__c  = 'GLWB Daily Joint',
                    IF(Living_Benefit_Rider__c  ='GLWB Annual Single Legacy Lock',
                       IF(Living_Benefit_Rider__c  ='GLWB Annual Joint Legacy Lock',
                          IF(Living_Benefit_Rider__c  ='GLWB Daily Single Legacy Lock',
                             IF(Living_Benefit_Rider__c  ='GLWB Daily Joint Legacy Lock',
                                IF(Living_Benefit_Rider__c  = 'TEST',true,false)