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Custom URL Button - Help Needed

Hey All,


Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I have a custom object called product issues that has many relationships to cases, however cases have a single relationship to Product Issue object.


Now since there is not a case lookup field on Product Issues, only a related list. How do I set the relationship in a custom URL button this way? I have done it on a 1 to 1, where I pass the ID into the lookup field on the new object.


I need it so that when a user clicks on the "New Product Issue" button that it carriers over some fields from the case into the product issue and then adds the case to the related list.


Basically, how do I do this if there is no case lookup field on the PI object?







you can do like this 




/apex/visualforce pagename?id={here case id}


you can get this case id in the controller.Once you get case id you can popuplate case information in the Product Isses page.