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Help Me for this work flow

Let me clear  first.....


Some    records(belongs to case object)  are  created.....and that  cases  assigned to  users....


after i  have requirement  to  create a field  with name 'owner'(cusom field)  having look up (in look up  displayes  users).....



now  the  requirement is  when  users  opened  the  records  the  owner  field should need to be  updated with the   current  user name......how  should i  write  field update  through workflow....


i  have this  field on  Record type  'Production Support '....so  condition  i had  taken  is


Rule Criteria -  "Created"


Case- Case  Record Type       equals     Production_Support (this is record typr name)


workflow action i had  taken  feild update  on   Owner (Custom field)....next    i  am getting  Owner  field  with look up here..what  should i  give  here   for  getting  current  user name (who  openes the record  his name).


through  workflow is this possible or any other solution for this.


Hi Anvesh,


If you are using a workflow, you will be able to update the new custom owner field with a particular USER/QUEUE if the creteria of the workflow is met : record type is Production_Support


If you want that the user access the record (if record type is Production_Support) should become the owner, you would have to accomplish this through code.


What i would want to suggest here is - in case you have specific users taking the cases coming with record type is Production_Support, you can do the following:

1)Create a Queue with these people as queue members

2)Create a case assignment rule based on the record type