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How to delete a record when Trigger fired?

when field met certain value  then that record  should need to  delete...is this  possible  through  trigger....


My requirement is  i have field  Activity_Type__c ='  ' (is  no value)..then this record should be deleted. so  i written this trigger but  not working.


trigger DeleteTask on Task (after insert) {

task t= new task();
task t1=t.clone();



Please anyone have sollution?

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Hi anvesh,


Here is the sample code as per your requirement.


Apex Trigger:

trigger DeleteTask on Task (after insert) {
    List<Task> lstTaskdelete = new List<Task>();
    List<Task> lstTask = [select id,Activity_Direction__c from Task where id in: trigger.newmap.keyset()];
    for(Task tk: lstTask ){        
        if(tk.Activity_Direction__c==null || tk.Activity_Direction__c==''){            
    if(lstTaskdelete.size() > 0){
        delete lstTaskdelete;


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