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Regarding Dashboards

i want to show a dashboard with how many active users login with in last week.There is a standard report in administrative reports with users login within last week.but it is showing individual users how many times login with in last week but i want to show how many users(in numbers) Number of times Login with in last week.
For example:- in X-axis out of 10 active users 5 active users login so i want to show 5 number in x axis and in y-axis how many times that 5 active users login in that last week.

Make sure it is a summary report, then summarize off of the last login date. You can then change the report to only run for the last 7, 30, ect.

You can also click on the last login date and then group by week for you want to do a line chart.


I might have missed the last part of this.


This you can first summarize on the user name, then follow the above steps...


I havent tried it to see what it would look like, just taking a shot.




Hi SFDCLearn, 


We have a ready made package available, try this out.