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Territory Management - Sharing ????

Hey all,


It appears to me that the Territory sharing rules do not work the way I had expected.


I have two top level territories with multiple sub territories.


My plan was to share the top level territories to the support groups that work with those accounts. But when I made the sharing rule to share the top territory A with Support group A, none of the accounts were visible to support group A. When I shared top level B with Support group B, none were visible to that group either.


If I look at the top level territory A, I see hundred of accounts, so I know they are rolling up to the top level as expected. It just appears that sharing the top level does not grant the support groups the ability to actually see the account inside?


Am I wrong in thinking that this is how it should work?




You need to assign the user corresponding to the group B to the Territory  A , from the setup menu. To to the territory and through the Assign User assign the user to it.


Thanks and Regards,

Dinesh Nasipuri