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Edit mass email option

I've created a secondary email field for my contacts that I want to use with the Mass Email option (under the Contacts tab) instead of the default email, but seeing as how salesforce doesnt let you edit those sending options it looks like I need to somehow recreate something that will follow the same steps as the mass email. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks


You would need a completely new VF page. Or, take a look at such products as VerticalResponse and Got Campaigner, which may be able to leverage your custom field (I don't have enough product knowledge of those third-party apps to confirm this, so contact a sales rep). Remember that emails sent through salesforce.com in Apex Code count towards the Mass Email limit (about 1000 per day).


I don't know much (read: "anything") about VF (Visualforce?), but would it really require a completely new page? Couldn't the "Step 3. Review and confirm" page "just" be modified? I.e., add a checkbox with "Cc each mail to secondary address" and then a drop-down menu where the (custom added) field has to be selected, to be used for this secondary address?


A smaller org here needs this feature. The only way to send mass emails right now is to export the contacts from SF and then use some 3rd party apps to do the job. Would be nice if SF could do this. Then again, many things would be nice - like winning the lottery and so on :-)



Visualforce (a.k.a. VF) can modify some pages, such as Tabs (called Home tabs), View, Edit, List, and Delete features, but they can't modify things like the Mass Email wizard at this time (maybe in the future?). For the moment, you'll be mostly dependent on Visualforce or just using standard features. I wish there was a way that you could just click and fix your problem.