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Salesforce Interview Questions.

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Can anybody tell me how to get good command in integration.If anybody worked in integration would u like to teach me???


Apart from this i have few questions to ask pls answer these.


1) What is Dynamic apex and give some senarios to explain this?

2)What is constrcutor? and give some senarios to explain this?

3)Did you worked on service cloud?Can you explain me customization in service cloud how you do that?

4)one-one relationship?

5)wrapper class?example?

6)futute annotation?

What Is Streaming API


Please send the answers in details with exapmles.





1) What is Dynamic apex and give some senarios to explain this?
dynamic Apex
Dynamic Apex enables developers to create more flexible applications by providing them with the ability to:
1)Access sObject and field describe information
2)Write dynamic SOQL queries, dynamic SOSL queries and dynamic DML
2)What is constrcutor? and give some senarios to explain this?
Constructor is nothing a method which get executed to initialize an instance of class and called while vf page loaded
3)Did you worked on service cloud?Can you explain me customization in service cloud how you do that?
Service Cloud is great feature or most awaited feature of salesforce to handel all problem related to social media/callcenters/BPO/KPO market.to log case/written and verbal
communication with end user.
4)one-one relationship?
when There is one to one relation ship between two objects. like one Manager may have at most one cabin and vice versa.
5)wrapper class?example?
In Apex Wrapper class is inner class to deal with many different nature objects/entities insgle table/grid.
6)futute annotation?
Salesforce has defined some annotation to categories usage of logic written in a methos
7) What Is Streaming API
Stream API is interface to show instance updates from server without any loading native screen.
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5.wrapper class is a some kind of apex class of object type.
there are the sittuations when we need to create a list of items of various types.

display a table of records with check box and then process only the records that are selected.

4. one to one relation ship is like lookup relation ship.

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Can u pls Explain in detail.we can read the definitions in book.But i want a clear picture of the Senarios and expamples.




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Hi,have shared a link which has all salesforce interview quetions and scenarios

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You can find salesforce interview questions here,

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