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Setting Up Assignment rules

Hi ,


I am setting up case assignment rules to setup account owners for different record types.



Action Order Criteria Assign To Email Edit | Del AND(ISNEW(), RecordType.DeveloperName ="x") xqueue Edit | Del AND(ISNEW(), RecordType.DeveloperName = "y") Yqueue Edit | Del AND( ISNEW(), RecordType.DeveloperName= "z") zqueue

This assingment rule works correctly and assigns right owner when i create a new case record.


But when I edit save the same Case record it reassigns the case owner to Default Case owner.


Can any one advise on this!!!


Sounds like there is another rule or workflow that is getting triggered.


Sounds like maybe when the case is NEW it fires correctly, maybe a different rule for when it gets to in progress is firing?




WHen it is new record it works correctly.


However when i edit and save the record it gets set to the default case owner.


Is there any way to to stop the assignment rules getting triggered if its not a new record.

I also tried to check the DO NOT REASSIGN OWNER box and that didn't help too.