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Record is not accessed to user?

As   Admin  Created  a  Record  in  Activity  object.........and  OWD  settings  are  "Controlled By  Parent " for  Activity  obj.

but  the  problem is  user  is  unable  to  access  this  Record. this  user  assignrd to some Role. what could be the reason. records created by admin  should  visible  to  evry user by default. but  user  unable  to access.


the  error  is.


In Sufficient  Prevelegious


What  could be the reason?  can i  share the record?





As the OWD Setting is "Contolled By Parent" over Activities Object where the Parent is "Account". Check the OWD for Account Object it must be Private that is why the records created by admin is not visible to other user.


You can share the Account Record with the User which you want. This will make your record visible.


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Activity is not accesisible because it's account ( Parent) record is not shared by the user. If you go to sharing and setting then you will find that Account's OWD should be "private".


Now you should setup sharing rule and you need to make sure that record should be shared by role ( of user by which you are testing).