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Thomas StrohThomas Stroh 

Login via API & Customer Portal User

We have a client-side application that uploads data into SFDC, but we are requiring that people "certify" these workstations as capable of uploading data to our hosted SaaS Server, which in turn uploads data to our SFDC org. We have a process in which we require a user's SFDC username & password and our SaaS Server application verifies that it is valid in SFDC and creates a certificate.


Anyway, we are validating all "User" types with this function (SFDC User, Partner Portal  User & Customer Portal User). We have no problems with SFDC Users and Partner Portal Users, which do not require LoginScopeHeader that I list below. Customer Portal Users are causing us a problem. We have attempted the following:

- Login() with a LoginScopeHeader (including OrgID) failed.

- Login() with a LoginScopeHeader (including OrgID + PortalID) success.


We have a problem with providing the PortalID in that this would require the hard-coding of the portalID (or multiple portalIDs). Also, we are working in a Dev environment and will not port to a production org. Since we do login via a "System" account first, we are able to find the user and determine they are a customer portal User and their associated role ... we have not been able to find a way to determine the  PortalID they are assigned to include within the LoginScopeHeader.


Any input here would be greatly appreciated on a workaround to this issue.