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How do you create this?

I can't attach a screen shot, but if you to into Cases and click Go! on your views, you get a list with checkboxes and buttons to choose from.  I want to create this for a custom object, but I have no idea how.  Can anyone please help?

I am not sure what you are looking for but there is an Attachment Standard Object and you can use it to your standard page layout of your custom object

goto your custom object through Setup->App Setup->Create->Objects->Click on your custom Object then scroll down to Page Layouts->click Edit on the page Layout you want -> Select Related List from the top(below SAVE button). Now drag the 'Notes & Attachment' section to the bottom of the page and save this page layout.

Let me know if it helped.


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This is called as Mass Edit from Lists. please check your profile has permission "Mass Edit from Lists", If you have this permission then you can update unto 200 records at a time.

Below are some tips about inline editing:

Some standard fields do not support inline editing. For example, Case Status, Opportunity Stage, Opportunity Amount, Opportunity Quantity and Lead Status, and most Task and Event fields can only be edited from a record's edit page. For more information, see Editing Records Quickly with Inline Editing.
If your organization uses record types, inline editing with lists is only available when all of the records in the list are of the same record type. Therefore, you must specify a filter of Record Type equals X, where X is the name of a single record type (or blank for the master record type).
To perform inline editing on an enhanced list, filter logic must be turned off in the list view filter criteria.
For lists of activities, you must specify an additional filter of either Task equals True (for tasks) or Task equals False (for events) for inline editing to be available.