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Field Dependency

Hi All,


I have a doubt,Is it possible cretae field dependency between two different Object fields..if yes Please explain how to do that...



Object 1                                        object 2


Country                                         States

INDIA                                            AP,TN,MP

USA                                               NY,BO,WS

UK                                                  LO,HI,NJ


if we select the the India then it should be displays AP,TN,MP like that...



Hi Sudh,


You can do your requirement using dependent picklist. Create one picklist which will contains all the countries. The second picklist will contain states. The Country picklist will be controlling picklist, where as State picklist will be dependent picklist.


Hope this helps.




Devendra S


Standard field dependency works up to only 300 controlled values. If you need more than this, you'll have to resort to a Visualforce page.