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Thomas StrohThomas Stroh 

Managed Package & Force.com Free User Limitations?



I created a "Managed Package" and installed to a production Sandbox for testing. I have been unable to get the custom objects/tabs associated to this Managed Package to display when logged in as a "Force.com Free" user. I have no problem assigned this information to the Force.com Free profile, but I am just unable to view any of this information after logging in as this user.


Just wondering if this is a basic limitation with Force.com Free users or am I missing something very basic?





Message Edited by Thomas Stroh on 03-15-2010 04:31 PM

Have you already deployed your package ?


Click on View Installed Packages, then the package name and then click on 'Deploy' if it is not greyed out.


Maybe this helps.

Thomas StrohThomas Stroh

Thanks for the feedback. I continued researching this issue last night.


Upon installing a package on "Step 2. Choose security level", I enabled the option "Select security settings". I noticed that all profiles using "Force.com Free" licenses are predefined to "No Access". This option is greyed out so that is no way to enable access to those profiles.


Still looking if there is another way around this. I have not found anything in documentation that states you cannot enable Packaged items for Force.com Free users. I have to imagine this is the case for any One-App user also.




You *can* enable packaged items for free or single-app users, but there is currently no way (at least every time I ask salesforce I'm met with silence) to package profiles for those users.


That means you need to manually clone the force.com free profile (the standard profiles can't access custom objects as of spring10), then configure it's settings there.


A pain, and hurting adoption of force.com free I'm sure, but there is a workaround, no matter how terribly hackish it is.


To salesforce: Let us package profiles for those users! There's a custom category on the appexchange for things targeting free edition, so why make it so needlessly painful to use?