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seek developers willing to build training simulations on using your published app

I'm looking to find software developers with published apps willing to become a mentor firm via create a custom training simulation for teaching new users how to use your firm's published software app(s) for our clients to study online from at home.  We were going to develop our own custom app for this training course project, but it is clearly over our heads.  My agency is an intermediary non-profit coalition located in upstate New York.  We assist workforce development agencies with their clients who have the weakest academic, and computer utilization skills.  Our clients need much hands-on practice just navigating through commercial software so they are more willing to use a computer in their jobs.  Many are also newbie entrepreneurs who need to make the mental paradigm shift between lowly assemblymen worker or trades helper to business owner.  It's a big jump for them.  Nearly half of them will come to us unable to read English at the 6th grade level so this training simulation may be an exercise in improving reading comprehension and financial literacy as well.  They can't understand traditional program training methods, so it takes a much different teaching approach to reach them.  We are also working with them to improve their marketing presentation skills.  I will train your design staff in how to teach  to their unique learning needs while these new users learn how to navigate within and how a little firm may benefit from your firm's software technology.


The idea is to have them work their way through your training simulation exercises at home on their own.  We hope that you are willing to include some of the marketing and customer headaches problem solving design considerations which went into developing your finished product, and lessons learned along the way.  In order for them to get credit with the referring non-profit agency partner, they will be sent to business mixer / introduction events and asked to find 3 different people at that event to "sell" your firm's product to.  They must get the business card of this person and their signature on a learning lab assignment paper.  They have to tell this stranger about your product, how it is used, and summarize the business problem that it resolves. 


When a firm is willing to invest some time in helping a cash-starved newbie entrepreneur to build his or her business and better his or her life, they remember the favor.  They tend to become a loyal customer, and even if they don't actually purchase your product themselves, we've noted that they will usually convince at least two other firms to buy from you.  This project is a spec basis, we're hoping to help you grow your sales lead referral pipeline at the same time that we help to grow these little startup businesses.


Here is the link to the two financial literacy courses that we are seeking to make more interesting and let our trainee clients actually apply the concepts studied while we work on polishing their entrepreneurial skills and most importantly, their computer technology user skills.  We aim to build your business and the newbie client's via giving the students the link to your firm's applied technology hands-on learning lab training simulation and having them complete the practice your sales skills assignments at the conclusion of your simulation.






the course is being customized to help the people with learning barriers that are identified from the following program that the coalition is rolling out this month.




I am surname Rolaine over at the QuickBooks accounting community forums community.intuit.com  if you'd like to learn more about the non-profit agency I direct and its social mission.


Hi Rolaine,


Hope you are doing well. I am interested to work with you on this product. Please share your email id to discuss it in detail.




my email is bizofficetutoring@yahoo.com

MetaSys SoftwareMetaSys Software

Warm Greetings from MetaSys Software!


We are an IT Service provider specialized in Custom Web applications & Security and we look forward to engage with your organization as a development partner for your development needs.


Our technological proficiency spans across Salesforce.com, .Net, FileMaker, PHP and Mobile Application Development for iOS and Android.


Here we focus on our experience and skills on Salesforce.


Fields of Expertise:


CRM Customization and Administration:


MetaSys can assist you in the administration and customization of the sales CRM by using both Salesforce.com and Force.com features. Our Salesforce developers are experienced in customizing Application Flow, Reports, Dashboards, Trend analysis, etc. to meet specific business needs.


Custom Application Development:


We have experience in developing customized applications using Salesforce and Force.com. We can meet your needs either with generalized look and feel OR Convert your existing application on other platforms like.Net and FileMaker OR Convert your existing process to a customized application on Salesforce.


Salesforce Integration and Migration:


We can help you in migration of your existing data from various applications into Salesforce and integration of existing .Net and PHP applications into Salesforce. We can link Salesforce to your websites by using the portals provided by Salesforce.




We provide support for Salesforce CRM applications as well as for customized applications. Our services also include deployment and support for applications for customers and Salesforce marketplace.


Case Study:  


Our team of Certified Salesforce Developers have built a customized application using Force.Com while keeping intact the FileMaker application structure. They used workflows, custom objects and Visual force pages to meet the PDF reporting requirement of the client. The look and feel of the forms & components and the business flow were customized to meet the specific business needs of the client. The application was packaged and deployed in the app exchange. They have also implemented upgrades through addition of new features released on the app exchange.


Why Us:


-          Experience in developing custom applications using Force.com platform.


-          Expertise in building customized Salesforce CRM applications.


-          The MetaSys team of Salesforce Certified Developers can provide solutions to meet your business needs.


-          We are equipped to integrate Salesforce with other technologies because of our expertise and experience with .Net, FileMaker, Android programming and iOS programming.


-          Reliable


-          Flexible


If you wish to partner with MetaSys to develop Custom Apps on the Cloud using the Salesforce platform or CRM application customized to meet your business needs, then please drop us an e-mail on info@metasyssoftware.com. We will be happy to discuss your business proposal.


Warm Regards,

MetaSys Software, India