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Remove package dependency on RecordType to prepare for Professional Edition

I have an app which is already on the AppExchange.
It was developed depending on the RecordType feature.
Now the developers have matured, and want to remove this dependency : this is easy and has been done throuogh dynamic DML code.

The new version of the app no longer depends on the RecordType feature.
However, the package manager seems to think that the package still needs this feature, presumably because it used to in previous versions.

If I get all my app users on to the latest version, can I then somehow remove this recordtype-package dependency (call support ?) to make this version now installable in Professional Edition ?


Have you verified that the apex code was the only reference on Record Types? To see all dependencies like that, in your DE org where you created the package, go the Package detail area under Setup, click on Components -> View Dependencies. See if anything else is referencing Record Types. 


Do any of your objects have record types? 

At time of upload, can you manually remove that depencies? Sometimes those checkboxes can be undone manually. 


@aalbert Thanks for the reply. I'll push that ou to the devs.