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Lookup Fields (forumla?)


A dilemma:

When I type in John Doe (let's say I have 10 such people) as the contact for a new case I get the lookup for the matching contacts and accounts. My problem is that it displays the account name and I can only identify the account by a custom field in the account menu (account number for example)

For example:

John Doe    Seafood Corp.
John Doe    Bakery World
John Doe    Sushiland

I have no idea which John Doe I really need. What I am looking for is an option to add another field to the lookup so I can see the unique identifier which have:

John Doe    Seafood Corp.    Acct: 654654
John Doe    Bakery World     Acct: 966587
John Doe    Sushiland           Acct: 577485

Then I can choose the John Doe I need by selecting the Acct number.

Does this exist?
Anyone got some creative suggestions?


Setup => App Setup => Contacts => Search Layout => Edit Lookup Dialogs.

You should be able to add the Account Id to the layout.