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Receiving an UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION error when deploying to production

I just wrote a new trigger in a sandbox environment and when I try to deploy it to production I get an UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION error with a long error code that it tells me to pass on my support rep.  I get this error if I deploy via Eclipse or using ANT.  I have  go-live on Tuesday and this would be a major setback if I can't get this trigger into production by then.  The strange thing is that I deployed a trigger two days ago without any issues.  I have the required test coverage.  I believe the issue is between Winter '09 in the Sandbox environment and Summer '08 in Production.  Is there an update that I need to download for Winter '09?  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

This is not an Ant / IDE issue.  Please open a support case and include the numeric value accompanying the UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION message.
Thanks.  I submitted a case this morning.  Hopefully I get a resolution before next week.
Issue was resolved.  I was having trouble because the trigger was in a package and the unit test class was in the unpackaged section.  Problem solved.