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how do I modify this formula so that the field name doesn't display in the email template?


I'm creating an email template with some merged fields and am having trouble getting the formula to display the correct result.

I have a formula on a checkbox: 
IF( Student_Options__c , "Student Options", " ") 

This displays the text "Student Options" if the checkbox is true and blank if it is not.  This works fine.

I now want to add a date field to that text that is displayed when the checkbox is true.  The formula looks like this:

IF(Student_Options__c, "Student Options + Special_Event__r.SO_is_on__c ", " ")

It displays the correct information, but also includes the field name Special_Event__r.SO_is_on__c  like this in the email:

Student Options on + Special_Event__r.SO_is_on__c 21/07/2008

My question is, how do I modify the formula so that the field name doesn't display?

Thanks in advance.

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IF(Student_Options__c, "Student Options "&TEXT(Special_Event__r.SO_is_on__c), " ")
I am not sure about the TEXT() part, if it won't let you save it, remove the TEXT() around the date field.

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Hi Harmpie,

Thanks so much for responding, and apologies for taking so long to get back to you to say "It Worked".

I could not have done it without your assistance - thank you.

I had to make a subtle change as for some reason the text displayed had the date displayed as yyyy/mm/dd when all our other date fields go dd/mm/yyyy - wierd.  We decided it best to have the date display as Mon 23 July

Anyway below is what I ended up doing (for anyone who might find it useful):

IF(Student_Options__c, "Student Options on "
MOD( Special_Event__r.SO_is_on__c - DATE(1900, 1, 7), 7),
0, "Sunday ",
1, "Mon ",
2, "Tues ",
3, "Wed ",
4, "Thurs ",
5, "Fri ",
6, "Saturday ", "Error")&TEXT(day(Special_Event__r.SO_is_on__c))&CASE( MONTH(Special_Event__r.SO_is_on__c) ,
1, " January",
2, " February",
3, " March",
4, " April",
5, " May",
6, " June",
7, " July",
8, " August",
9, " September",
10, " October",
11, " November",
12, " December",
"None"), " ")