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Timecard to display the hours remaining in the budget per timecard entry

Hi, need some help here.


We have a master object called Constructions that records various details regarding jobs including Budget Hours, Time Remaining in that budget and the Hours Spent etc.


We have a Timecard that staff record the Date, Description of work and the Hours Spent on that job. Most jobs will have approximately 20 timecards recorded from start to finish.


The master object has a roll-up summary (SUM Construction Timecard) on the hours to show how many hours has been spent, called Hours Spent.  Another formula field displays the Budget Hours - the Hours Spent to display the Time Remaining.


All this works nicely, however...


We would really like to display how many hours were remaining at the point of when a  timecard was created, so we can view what work was done when there was x hours remaining.


Thanks in advance.