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visual force email templates for cases

Hello All


I have a requirement where I need to send an email to all the case owners with the list  of cases that they own ( basically the cases where the closed date is greater than today). I was able to do this using a scheduler.but I have the case owners direct to a report in SFDC to track their cases. But now the requirement is to send the case owners their case numbers and links for the respective cases. I was hoping to do this using visual force templates .Is this possible ? Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated

Rasmus MenckeRasmus Mencke

Yes, that is possible. 


Take a look at this sample code I wrote, will pull a list of all the cases related to an Account



Note: you can not use visualforce email templates for mass emails.


Thanks for sending this across Rasmus. Here it talks about accounts and related cases .Would I be able to do this with Users and cases ?