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Problem deploying classes in Summer '10

My packaging org was upgraded to Summer '10 this past weekend.  Since that happened I am unable to deploy classes to the packaging org.  I consistently get an error "An unexpected error occurred.  Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: 1478925739-55 (-210895607).


Has anyone else seen this and do you have any idea how to get around the problem?  I have tried saving class files individually, deploying with the IDE and using the migration tool




I used to face this kind of error, when I am trying to save Visual force pages and also  apex classes. What I found is that, some line of code in your apex class is violating SFDC rules. Try saving the code line by line. For eg. If you have ten lines of code try saving the coding line by line. Then you will come to know which line is causing this issue and you can correct it.


Hope this helps.




We're also having this problem. Every time we try and check out into a new DE org we get:


An unexpected error occurred. Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: 538378006-213 (-913332770)


We have managed to get one org to build simply by saving each of the files in order using the Right-click > Force.com > Save to server menu option but this is pretty painful as we need to work out the dependencies to determine the order in which we should save. Unfortunately we have a new release pending so this is for 50+ changed classes!


Further investigation throws up:



  • If I work out the dependencies and manually save one class at a time in the IDE I can get them to all save
  • Once I've got them to all save I can run a build - i.e. it seems to be a one-time-only problem
  • I once got a failure with the Unexplained Error on a handful of classes but updating those files within Subversion (not changing the code just commiting newer versions) resolved that problem



The initial time I tried to deploy, almost all of the classes got this error.  So I did exactly the same thing that you did and went through the classes one at a time.  All of them except one compiled correctly.  At that point I decided to try the deploy again and I am now back to about 20 classes with the same error.  Better than the original number that was around 80 but still - not helping with the transition to Summer at all.


Thanks for your comments - misery loves company.


So manually saving each file making a change to the files resulted in my getting everything to the org.  It was painful!!!





        Problem should be fixed now. Please verifiy all your deployments.