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SOQL or SOSL for SFDC Content and Knowledge/Articles

Anyone know if SOQL or SOSL is available for SFDC Content and Knowledge/Articles objects?

Upon some quick research, it doesn't seem like it...


I'm thinking of trying to build a custom single seach mechanism (that searches Content and Knowledge.)  However it needs to be available to portal users... so the new Global Search will not work,, hence the custom..






Check out the SOQL or SOSL documentation at http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Documentation#General

If you search for Knowledge or Content in there you will find all the documentation that you need!




if you search the docs for "WITH DATA CATEGORY" it'll take you right to some decent samples on searching SFK.


Thanks for the replies all. 

One, of many things I learned, is that it always helps to be using the supported API Versions in Eclipse with Content and KnowledgeArticleVersion.

My prototyping came along a lot better after upgrading from v15.0 -- :-)