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Time Dependent Trigger



    The scenario is we are capturing fulfillment date at Opp. product level. [which is coming from ERP]


    i.e. Qty 1(05-DEC-2010) Qty 4(08-DEC-2010)      this is a text field (fulfillment_date__c)  in SFDC


   Now, based on this field value i want to fire task on  12/05/2010 and 12/08/2010 to a specific user.



Appreciate your help.




Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

First I would break apart that field into two different values. One being Fulfullment Quantity (Type Number) and one being Fulfullment Date (Type Date) instead of concatenating the two fields into one field.


Doing so will give you more flexibility for running reports, exectuing workflows, and is much cleaner from a data perspecitve.


Second - You don't need a trigger to accomplish this.


You should use a Time Based Worklow on the Opportuinty Object to create a Task.




Thanks for reply. 


               But workflow rule will not work bcoz number of date we are receving may vary opp. to opp.


 i.e. Opp with 5 products may have Qty5 (11-dec-2010)   or Qty2 (11-dec-2010)  Qty3 (16-dec-2010)  or Qty1 (11-dec-2010) 


        Qty2 (14-dec-2010) Qty2 (16-dec-2010).



       So, creating single date field not work. 


       and also a single text field value which contains two dates how i goona store two values in formula and update fields with it.


       Appreciate your response.