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How to deploy a managed package that connects to another managed package

Is it possible to create and deploy a manged package that has dependencies on other manged packages within an org? 


For example, I create a master/detail object to the Account,  In order for the logic to work on this custom object, there has to be a lookup field to an object within the manged package.  So, in my developer org, I created an object so that my triggers and everything would function correctly, but I noticed I can not give it the same API name as the object in the managed package, because the object in the managed package has a Namespace Prefix of js2__Job_Order__c. So if I deploy it to production, it wouldn't work because the triggers would not be referencing the js2__Job_Order__c, only Job_Order__c.


Any advice? Thanks


I believe "partial packages" is the solution to this problem. It's a pilot program, so you'll need to contact Customer Support for details and to have this feature enabled.