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Email is not being sent

I am writing a class that sends an email everytime a record is submitted.  I want the email to actually be sent as a text.  I found that texts can be sent from email by sending the message to (the phone #)@maildomain.com (for example, 8012345823@vtext.colm).  


However, when I run the code, it shows that it was successful, but the message never arrives.  I tried the same code with a normal email address and it worked fine.  Why would it be that these email to text messagesg don't send?  Thanks.




can share your code ? or u can also achive this using workflow


have you check for spam folder?


or for using PHP APi  you can use code in



or using




but for sent SMS i dont know if there is a service like that from verizon

maybe that service not for all country  or just for some specific user


but i'm interesting too for the way we can send SMS using email protokol

if there's something improvement please share :)


Thank You