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Force.com explorer results

I can run this query in the Force.com explorer: SELECT Name,Website__r.Name FROM Subscription__c But the results for the second column are all "Website__r". I can click on the Website__r and then an overlay appears with the actual Website name. Is there any way I can get the actual value from the parent to be returned in the query instead of the relationship name? I know I can write Apex and get to it an a few steps, but don't want to do that yet. I want to get the results in one step.

Create a formula field to populate the Website__r.Name value, then select the formula field in your query.



Select name From website__c j where id in (select website__c from subscription__c)



You can use aliases ONLY with aggregate queries, so you can hack it:


SELECT Name,Website__r.Name WebsiteName FROM Subscription__c Group By Name, Website__r.Name